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Dave Kelly


Dave Kelly is the Vice President of Public Sector Solutions & Strategy at Information Builders.

Dave Kelly joined the Information Builders team 2019, where he serves as Vice President of Public Sector Solutions & Strategy. Dave has become a thought leader within the company, offering a strategic vision for creating technological solutions that are beneficial to the public. Through this work, Dave continually encourages his team to turn client data into actionable intelligence. He often collaborates with Deepinder Uppal, Information Builders’ Vice President of Public Sector Innovation & Technology.

Dave Kelly’s technological journey began with his 26-year career in law enforcement. Before being named the force’s Captain and Director of Technology, Dave Kelly served in a plethora of roles within the Michigan State Police, such as: State Trooper (1995-1997), Detective Trooper (Casino Gaming Investigation Unit, 1997-2000), Detective Sergeant / Detective Trooper (Organized Crime Team, 2000-2006), Detective Lieutenant / Detective Sergeant (Identity Theft Team, 2006-2008), Lieutenant Platoon Commander (Detroit Post, 2008-2011), Lieutenant Acting Post Commander / Assistant Post Commander (Metro North Post, 2011-2012), Detective First Lieutenant / Task Force Commander (Western Wayne Criminal Investigations, 2012-2014), Detective First Lieutenant (Commander Narcotics Investigation Section, 2014-2015), and Captain (Commander Michigan Cyber Command, Michigan Intelligence Operations Center; 2015-2018).

Having had his hand in nearly every strategic area of the Michigan State Police, Dave Kelly gained invaluable insight into the department’s operations, challenges, and triumphs. As such, he put himself at the forefront of innovation, leading research and piloting cutting-edge threat analytics programs, big data solutions, data visualization applications, and other internal solutions. 

In his role as Director of Technology, Dave Kelly spearheaded the development of a public-facing law enforcement mobile application. Available on iOS and Android, the app enables the citizens of Michigan to have better access to information directly from the State Police, thus increasing the department’s transparency, lowering the instances of misinformation, and improving the police/citizen relationship. Dave conceptualized and led IoT innovations with the concept of an in-car streaming network to handle in-car video and other network traffic; this solution was deployed statewide and substantially enhanced patrol car connectivity and trooper efficiency. Dave worked closely with the State CIO implementing an agency-wide enterprise cybersecurity strategy (authority to operate framework) for network and hardware, disaster recovery, data protection, and endpoint protection. He even co-led research and innovations in data integration, data management, data mastering, prescriptive and predictive analytics that had the Michigan State Police recognized as a 21st Century policing leader. 

As a result of his efforts, Dave received a number of awards and accolades, including the 2017 State Cybersecurity Leader award from StateScoop, the Drexel University Innovation in Analytics Award, and the IDG Digital Edge 50 – Digital Transformation award. Dave Kelly was asked to present his innovations at numerous nationally recognized conferences including the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in 2018.  

Outside of his work in the technology sector and with Michigan State Police, Dave is passionate about writing, reading, and stock trading. While learning and developing investment and stock-trading strategies may not sound like the typical hobby, Dave finds enjoyment in leveraging his strategic planning, risk management, and complex problem-solving skills to achieve positive results in these endeavors.

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